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Brief History

The Potters Haven started in 2003 with 12 children as a place of safety for abused children.The registration of our NPO on the 26th of July 2012 has changed the home from a Place of Safety to a Foster Home for Children. Taking care of children for 14 years.

Currently we are caring for 18 children (1 child being a HIV little boy), of which 3 are in high school, 11 in primary school, 2 toddlers who have all suffered from some form of abuse. Some are orphaned due to the HIV/Aids pandemic, some have been removed from abusive homes, and some have been abandoned completely and left to fend for themselves. Their stories are varied and in some cases really shocking.

These children arrive at the Potters Haven with no self-confidence, no self-respect, no dignity, and usually with only the clothes on their backs. We provide shelter, food, schooling, clothing etc, but most of all we provide a loving and safe home where they are encouraged to reach their full potential and to become contributing members of society. We aim to restore in these children all they have had taken away from them through care, holistic counselling, prayer and most of all, love. We teach them cleanliness, responsibility and restore their faith in humanity as we equip them to live normal healthy lives.

A list of our children is available on request, but as we respect our children’s’ right to privacy, we do not divulge their surnames nor do we supply photographs which would reveal their identities. You are, however, most welcome to visit our home and meet our children in person.

We receive government grants for some of these children 13 children grants are still pending due to ongoing court cases, for more than 2 years now.The grant per child is much less than the cost to raise a child R430.00 x6 children) , and we therefore rely heavily upon the kind hearts of our donors to reach our goals each month.

Our Main objectives

  • To establish a centre for the care of children.
  • To protect children and make sure they are not abused.
  • Work with social development as well as to assist with government grant for orphans.
  • Find donors for orphans and needy e.g. food, blankets, clothes and shelter.

Our Secondary objectives

  • Educate children about their rights.
  • To teach children cleanliness.
  • To teach them survival skills by educating them about everything possible.
  • Different sport activities for our children.
  • To provide a safe haven for children.
  • To provide a warm and loving home for the children in our care.
  • To nurture a philosophy of caring for each other and for our community.

Our Vision and Goals

  • To discover cheerful children with a target of a brighter future in our country with no fear.
  • For our community to be aware and learn to deal with different diseases that we come across in our country.
  • To have children that have a mission of say “No” to crime and work with the South African Police Services to fight against criminal activities.
  • To teach our children to be a responsible and respectful human beings.
  • To sent  healed, restored and equipped children back into Society to change
  • Our Society. To be a living witness . Your past cannot make you , the choice is yours.




  • All our children attend school and we achieve a 100% pass rate
  • We have 3 top ten candidates .
  • In  January 2017 we sent 4 Grade 1’s to school one of them a special needs child in Muriel Brandt school…a new life for an uneducated child!
  • We have a matriculant this year and have great expectations.


  • We need to take our children on trips to the zoo and theatre
  • To watch a movie with supervision and transport in place as we do not have a big enough vehicle to transport them.
  • Would love them to be spoilt to supper , breakfast or lunch from time to time at any place .They so need to feel what it is like.

Social / Entertainment

  • All our children attend church and are encouraged to participate at Sunday school.
  • We counsel our children individually and in group sessions
  • We have been spoilt going on holiday as a family for the first time in ten years , the first time the majority of the children had ever seen the sea.

Home activities include:

  • Baking – they love to bake cup cakes and cookies - Need sponsors
  • Crafts – we try to do a craft project each school holiday - Need sponsors to run any project in the light of capacity children.

Socio-Economic Development

Staff development – We regularly have training sessions with our employees covering the following topics:

  • Home base care
  • Basic first aid
  • Safety talks
  • 12 Step Healing Program Overcoming Abuse Gods way.

Community Projects

  • Victims of xenophobia – Our children have assisted with packing food parcels and distribution thereof to victims of xenophobia in Primrose.
  • Hope Ithemba – Baby clothes, toys and baby products have been donated to Hope Ithemba pregnancy crisis centre.
  • Cancer Awareness – Our children ran a stall at a cancer awareness day held in Selcourt and sold items creating cancer awareness
  • Caring for each other and our friends – Our children raised funds to assist a friend at school and purchased pre-paid electricity for their family.
  • We accept scholars and share information on abuse , we actually had 3 last year and 2 so far just sharing the Global GoGirl abuse program and how to change this in the form of a project that goes back to school.
  • Our children knitted beanies and booties for the premature babies at Pholosong Hospital to assist a project run by the Springs Rotary Anns.

Future Plans


The house we rent is poorly maintained by the owners – We have a rental property to the amount of R5200.00 per month which we so need a sponsor for as our funding are very limited.
We also need a Samaritan to please pay towards the water bill R5000.00 per month.
We also need R5000 per month on our prepaid meter box number 04 2444 8377 4


  • We are looking for a phsycologist to come onboard on a pro-bono basis to work with the children on overcoming their past traumas.
  • Occupational Therapy for every child.
  • Speech Therapy for every child.


  • Schooling – we continue to work closely with the children to achieve academically
  • Sport – we would love our children to participate in sporting activities (currently restricted due to transport problem)
  • Excursions – we would love to take the children on more excursions covering:
    • History
    • Shows – Arts & Culture
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Puppet Show
    • Movies


We require a vehicle suitable for transporting 18 children - Our current vehicle is 20 years old, maintains costly and  cannot transport all of the children in one trip and we therefore ride multiple trips daily to and from school, increasing the wear & tear on our vehicle and incurring higher fuel and maintenance cost.


  • Our admin office is in need of:
  • Filing cabinets
  • Laptops
  • Printers, ink and paper to do 18 children projects.

Social & Entertainment

  • Dancing – we would love to let the children do dancing lessons, some of the older girls have had some lessons and currently teach the younger ones, but a regular dance class for all would be hugely beneficial
  • Arts & Crafts – we wish to do projects more often

Socio-Economic Development

  • We plan continual in-house training for our employees
  • We like to send employees for formal training if funding is available
  • We encourage our children to get involved with community based projects


Wish List

  • Vehicle suitable for transporting 21 children
  • Vacuum cleaner, Microwave, kettle and irons.
  • We are renting the premise at a monthly instalment pray that we could purchase property, also need a Samaritan that would consider paying R5200.00 monthly.
  • Heavy duty top loader washing machine
  • Crafting materials
  • School & office stationary printer cartridges for school work a great need.
  • Groceries, we buy everything and have no constant supply of anything.
  • Assistance in meeting monthly budget of R80 000.00.
  • A lawmmower and weedeater please
  • Tumble drier
  • Couch large enough to entertain all of our children as the one we have is very old and uncomfortable... needs new covering and upholstery

Our banking details for easy reference friends:
The Potters Haven
Standard Bank
Account number: 025 532 804
Branch Code: 012142

Click Here to view confirmation from Standard Bank with regards to our banking details

Mommy ClayPot

Thank you for your time and for reading our Prospectus, please consider to join hands.

Marlene Minnie
The Potters Haven
Cell: 071 569 8094

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